Thursday, October 8, 2009

A lost Challenge!

My Japan card. For the WCMD Challenge 1.

This is how I fill Japan. Clear and simple.

I love this card. The picture is very very bad, but you can see the muster of the cream paper.


The second challenge is Mexico!!!!!
I love Mexico. We have been there in our honeymoon. And it was perfect. And Mexico is a such a beautiful country. It's amazing and so interesting.
I hope to go once again. As soon as possible. Tomorrow, it will be perfect.
I just need to wait until my daughter is big enough for the long trip.

I need to make a card. Let's see what I get out of my hands.

So, that's it.
For the WCMD Challenge 2 - Mexico.

And India. I love the food, and the colors and the beauty of the women dresses. I have a sari, but I need a new one. With exactly the same colors as my card for the WCMD Callenge 3 - India.

The picture doesn't show the very nice and very gold motive of my hand stamped paper.

And the last card for the WCMD Challenge no. 4 - Australia.
I love this card. It's dusty and I made it with wax pencil. It's perfect for me.

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